K1 Downtown San Diego

By: Blake Sonuga | January 31, 2019, 5:43pm PST.

Renderings provided by The Richman Group

K1, the latest luxury high-rise currently under construction in the ever-growing downtown neighborhood of East Village is nearing its estimated completion date of May 2019. The construction crew at Level 10 Construction should be commended for the phenomenal level of workmanship and dedication to completing the project on time.

The Design Style

When completed, the futuristic, ultra-urban concept designed by L.A based LRG Architects will accentuate a feeling of coziness through its $1M+ worth of light fixtures, and community amenities Tony Stark will approve of. Think of this building as downtown San Diego’s showcase of what an ultra-modern living space with downtown, ocean and mountain views should look and feel like. Keep in mind, the 23-floor luxury tower is all encased in a shell of eco-friendly building materials with eco-friendly appliances in all its units.

The Community Amenities

Residents can expect to enjoy resort style pool and a luxurious two-story sky lounge, a fully equipped fitness center with an outdoor yoga center and a business center which comprises of a media and conference room. In addition to public amenities, each unit has its own washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances with quartz countertops and there is parking available for 317 vehicles. Outside amenities include close proximity to the trolley line and the San Diego Central Public library.

Renderings provided by The Richman Group

The Sliver

Alongside the K1 tower, is an adjoining low-rise designed by
Rob Wellington Quigley who designed the San Diego Central Library across from the tower. The lowrise comprises of two penthouse units, a restaurant, and an urban garden.

Development Profile

Project name: K1
Project address: 330 13th Street
Owner/Developer: The Richman Group
General contractor: Level 10 Construction  
Downtown neighborhood: East Village
Market: Mixed-use development
(Multifamily residential and commercial)

(LeftBen Briggs Senior Project Manager (RightKristen Chidester Marketing Director, Level 10
Site visit: January 25, 2019

Building Specifications and Figures

Current status: Under Construction.
23 story high-rise. (239 ft.).
222 residential units.
Amenity space, swimming pool.
7000 SF.  of ground floor commercial space.

Project Financing

$125,000,000.00 total cost to develop.
$83,000,000.00 cost to develop building

Construction Fact Sheet

1400 gallons of paint.
90,000 SF. of Window Wall.
1.2 Million SF. of drywall installed.
Exported about 2,143 loads of soil.
Over $1,000,000.00 light fixture package.
4,623,094 lbs. of rebar.

Fun Facts

Approximately 22,000 cubic yards of concrete was used for construction. This is enough to fill up 6.75 Olympic size swimming pools. According to Level 10 construction, “that amount of concrete would weigh 91,476,000 lbs. equal to 11,435 full-size pickup trucks or for the Millennials out there 14,825,932 PlayStation 4’s”. In the spirit of the 2019 super bowl, the building consists of 454,800 SF.of suspended concrete slabs, that is 8 football fields with end zones.

Economic Impact

Approximately 150 construction jobs and 34 permanent jobs.
Downtown public facilities financing plan: $1,861,192* development impact fees. Funding share for new parks, fire station, and traffic circulation improvement in downtown.

*estimate from initial submission in 2015

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